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Our Mission & Principles

We at zXezXe are driven by a passion to make luxury, high quality and functional handbags and accessories.

The market is filled with expensive luxury handbags, however, rarely do they address the modern, multitasking on the go woman’s everyday carrying concerns. Luxury handbags of today seem to be one or the other, functional or beautiful, and can hamper the working woman’s desire to transition smoothly and stylishly through the day.

zXezXe is on a mission to make the modern woman’s life infinitely easier.

Whether your looking for a handbag or small accessory to carry and keep you and your technological devices organised through your busy work days or effortlessly transition with you onto your impromptu dinner dates, night outs, weekend getaways or travel trips, we at zXezXe have it all covered for you.

Luxury bags are expensive; too expensive to sit in a wardrobe for much of their existence. We believe that a bag’s true value lies in its usage. At zXezXe we want to change the perspective towards luxury accessories from one of consumption to one of utility; moving away from the habit of accumulating handbags and accessories and becoming more measured in the way we purchase. We’re pioneering a novel and sustainable approach to affordable luxury. By introducing an innovative retail model, a zXezXe customer can invest in functional luxury, purchasing their own zXezXe handbag or; for the price of one luxury handbag, our customers can rent upto four luxury zXezXe bags over the course of a year. Thus making the way you purchase as personal as the bag you choose.

We produce each style in limited numbers; understanding that along with design, functionality and sustainability, our customers cherish exclusivity. Each bag is handmade, therefore unique; no stitch is the same. Our website carries information of how many of each type of product has ever been produced so that you can rest assured that you are in select company as part of the zXezXe clientele.

zXezXe redefines the modern handbag from a product of consumption back to one of utility.

Design. Functionality. Affordability. Sustainability. Exclusivity.

These are the principles that define zXezXe and our products.