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In 2013, I reflected on my habit of purchasing handbags in search of finding one that filled my requirements as a woman on a tight schedule and with a desire to stay stylish.

I realised that this search drove me to amass a collection of timeless, classic handbags from an array of covetable brands. I had filled up my wardrobe with a host of little-used handbags, which though in great condition, didn’t stay ‘current’ to my fashion tastes and were not successful in satisfying my search for function. I then began to question where I was going wrong with this search?

Wondering if I was the only one, I asked my professional friends and colleagues if they had encountered a similar problem. They answered with an unanimous YES.

We were all spending significant amounts on luxury handbags, and rarely deriving an equivalent value from this expense.

Refusing to accept a lack of alternative any longer, I decided to tackle the challenge head on and create a worthy solution that would give women access to exceptional functional products while staying true to their changing fashion tastes and without costing the roof. However, it wasn't just about creating a unique design. The design, had to be in line with a brand, a lifestyle choice that showed women that there were possibilities available to them. 

At zXezXe, we are recrafting accessories for the modern woman. Rather than attempting to force-fit a modern woman's items into a traditional bag, we have taken a fresh approach to redesigning the interiors. We have designed with a sense of aestheticism – allocating space for all the necessities while making every attempt to remove the day to day clutter and provide effortless organization.

The leasing concept has been in existence for a number of years; however leasing platforms have been created independently of the brands they host; by integrating the two to create a covetable brand that champions sustainability at zXezXe we look to create a lifestyle option.

Each of our products has been proudly created with you, the customer, as our inspiration. Through the leasing model, we can further push the boundaries in offering you new lifestyle choices whilst retaining a traditional sales model.

We will continue to invest in our relationship with you as we build the zXezXe concept and share the message of sustainable consumption.

Akshata Nigam

Co founder zXezXe